Lawrence Co. Cancer Patient Services


Just how did we evolve?


History of Lawrence County Cancer Patient Services (LCCPS)

As recalled by Teena Ligman

     The American Cancer Society formerly had a local board in Lawrence County.  Some time in the early 1990s an elderly woman (and I am remiss in not remembering her name) left a small amount in her will specifically designated to be given to the American Cancer Society but only to be used to benefit cancer patients in Lawrence County. So we opened a special account which allowed us to help local people who didn’t fall under the umbrella of services provided by the American Cancer Society.

     Over time another woman gave us another significant donation, and since the need by cancer patients for services not provided by the American Cancer Society continued to grow, the group began to have specific fund-raisers to replenish this fund. At that time, we tried to wear two hats- we supported the American Cancer Society and raised money for them, but also tried to keep a distinctive difference in raising money for a separate fund specifically to help local patients.

     As it became clear that we need to separate the two groups, Wanda Starr who at that time was President of the group, met with Jerry Carter, Teena Ligman, and Laura Ohl and we established a separate non-profit organization. Our first officers also included Julie Adams and Mindy Kinser. We worked with Brent Steele to get a 501C-3 and incorporate the group.

     Within a couple years the American Cancer Society disbanded their County Boards, so the group morphed into just serving Lawrence County patients as the Lawrence County Cancer Patient Services.  We’ve been serving patients ever since.

     For most of our early years Wanda Starr was the inspirational leader of the group. Wanda was tireless in serving patients and was willing to take calls at all hours and go to any lengths to help people.  Wanda,  Jerry Carter, and Kaye Jeffries could always be counted on to be at every meeting and do whatever needed to be done.  The early founders and volunteers for this group set the bar and established a legacy that later volunteers strive to keep going in the community.