Donations Donations Women┐s Committee of UAW Local 440 The women of UAW Local 440 sold T-shirts in 2020 to raise $500 to donate to the LCCPS group. Thanks to the Women's Committee for their support! 206367780 Volunteer continues to use talent to help patients A local woman makes seat belt pads and neck pads for cancere patients. She regularly takes a new supply to IU oncology and the radiation center and donates them to patients. the seat belt pads help protect people who have ports in their chest or mammogaphies or chest surgeries. 206347588 Santa Hat Run Dr. Sowders' grandson donates the proceeds from their Santa Hat run to LCCPS to help local cancer patients. 206058470 Park Group Donation Thank you to Parker Group for their generous donation! 205541539 Buffalo Wings and Rings Donation Bedford Buffalo Wings and Rings was gracious enough to let us have a fundraiser at their restaurant on February 4, 2019! They raised $208.15! Thank you Buffalo Wings and Rings! 205555924 Walmart donates breast cancer books. Breast cancer books were purchased with a grant from Walmart Distribution Center in Seymour, Ind. Thank you Walmart Distribution Center. 206245029 Family honors their mother, Pat Endris with a donation to Lawrence County Cancer Patient Services. 206245039 Bedford Firefighters Donate $500 In November, 2020, the Bedford Firefighters Association donated $500 to Lawrence County Cancer Patient Services to help local cancer patients. 206344735 206367781