Past Christmas Home Tours Past Christmas Home Tours Reza and Rowena Cross-Najafi's Home 1002 17th Street this home was once the Lawrence County Jail but is now a private home and bed and breakfast. 2015 Christmas Home Tour. 200339488 Shea and Christina Hooten's Home The Hooten home is at 1427 14th Street. The house was built in 1951 in this historic neighborhood but has a unique modern look that fits in well with its vintage neighbors. You'll like the bright open spaces in this home that's decorated for the holidays. 203373615 Emily Engstrom's Home This home at 1301 13th Street is an historic home decorated for Christmas. It has a charming decor and is decked out for the holidays. 203373613 Guthrie Meadows Bed and Breakfast This 1879 Italianate Victorian mansion in Tunnelton is now a bed and breakfast owned by Douglas and Annette Fultz. 2013 Christmas Home Tour. 186702847 Jessica and Billy Phelps' Home This Spanish style home at 1619 14th Street is a classic home that has long intrigued people with it's unusual architecture. Be sure to visit to see what the Phelps have done with this special home. 203373616 Connie Coulter Home This lovely home at 703 W. Brook Street is lovely inside and out.2014 Christmas Home Tour. 196305316 Becky and Wayne Ward 806 State Road 458 is a ranch style modern home on Purdue Farm Road. 2015 Christmas Home Tour. 200339489 Jane and Gary Abbot's Home The Abbot's home at 2738 Western Avenue is decorated with a creative flare. Enjoy this fun home just off 29th Street. Jane is creative with everything she does and decorating her house has been a family effort. 203373614 Ronald and Chystal Tuell This home at 268 Oak Lane is between Bedford and Mitchell. 2014 Christmas Home Tour. 186702846 Lisa and Allen Webb's Home The Webb home at 2031 Denson Ave. is an adorable home beautifully decorated. The Webbs have lived in this charming house for over three decades. There is always more to see as you look around at the lovely rooms in the Webb's home. 203373617 Morrell and Judy Haskett's Home This home at 201 Shandel Drive, has been a favorite on the tour before, always decorated to an amazing degree with a train set in the basement this house is a must see for anyone who enjoys the enchantment of Christmas. 203379042 Gus Grissom Boyhood Home This home where Gus Grissom grew up will be decorated for Christmas just as it was when Gus was a boy in the 1940s. Come celebrate an early Christmas in the Grissom home. 2014 Christmas Home Tour. 196305317 Dr. Jim and Sue Wilhite 1522 13th Street, this historic home is a lovely home in an historic district. 2015 Christmas Home Tour. 200339490 Elizabeth Grant's CandleLight Inn This bed and breakfast at 875 Church Camp Road was built in 1913. 2013 Christmas Home Tour. 186702848 John and Andrea Hudson Also known as the old Bowden Home, this home, owned by the Hudsons on North 8th Street will be a real plus for the tour. 2013 Christmas Home Tour. 196305318 Larry and Malissa Ikerd 1321 14th Street, a lovely home decorated beautifully. 2015 Christmas Home tour. 200402044 Crystal and Brian Beeson This historic home on 14th Street was long owned by the Patton family. The Beesons have lovingly worked on restoring the home to it's original state and are ready to share it with the public. 2014 Christmas Home tour. 196342082 Rick and Wilma Root The Root's home at 1411 21st Street is an American four-square style built in 1930. 2013 Christmas Home Tour. 186702849 Tumey Home 2421 N Street, This remodeled ranch-style home was earlier billed as the "mystery home". Be sure and check it out as well! 2015 Christmas Home Tour. 200402045 Jack and Vicky Ragsdale This lovely house at 336 Hill Drive in Brook Knoll on a wooded lot is a great addition to the tour. 2013 Christmas Home Tour. 186733081 Nathan and Amy Nikirk This amazing home on 14th Street in Bedford has a fascinating history and is lovely inside and out. The Nikirks love Christmas and you'll enjoy their flare for decorating! 2014 Christmas Home Tour. 196370726 Tunnelton Mansion A view of the barn, carriage house and mansion in Tunnelton. 2013 Christmas Home Tour. 186733078 Tunnellton Mansion. Christmas Home tour. 186733079 Refreshments at Armory Before the Bus Tour, people gather for refreshments, to visit, and announcements. 2013 Christmas Home Tour. 187406498 Refreshment Table A generous table of punch, cookies, and other refreshments await visitors to the Christmas Home Tour in 2013 187406503