LCCPS Receives Grants LCCPS Receives Grants Supplies purchased for patients My, My... Look at some of the supplies which were purchased from a grant from the Lawrence County Community Foundation for cancer patients. 206564955 Pic line shirts dpurchase A grant was received from the Lawrence County Community Foundation Partnership, Inc. to purchase chemo shirts for cancer patients receiving infusions. 206564954 2021 Pennington Grant Recieved! Thank you Lawrence County Community Foundation Partnership, Inc for the Pennington Grant to purchase nutritional therapy for patients over 65. Presenting check: Lisa Starr and Barbara Terry, accepting Judy Heichelbech. 206472457 WARMING UP HOPE THANK YOU BEDFORD WALMART FOR A GRANT TO PURCHASE BLANKETS. 206472455 Hope. Sip by Sip GRANT WAS RECEIVED FROM SEYMOUR DISTRIBUTION CENTER TO PURCHASE TRAVEL TUMBLERS FOR PATIENTS. 206472454 "Make My Day" Grant from LCCF Our day was made by a ???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢??????¢â??¬? ???¢?¢â?š?¬?¢â?ž?¢???????â?????¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¢???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¢???????â????â?š????¢?????????¢???¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??â?š????¬??????¢â??¬?¦??â?š????¡???????â?????¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¬???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢?????????¢???¢?¢â??¬?¡????¬??â?š????¹???????â?????¢?¢â?š?¬????¦?????????¢???¢?¢â??¬?¡????¬??â?¦?¢â??¬???Make My Day???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢??????¢â??¬? ???¢?¢â?š?¬?¢â?ž?¢???????â?????¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¢???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¢???????â????â?š????¢?????????¢???¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??â?š????¬??????¢â??¬?¦??â?š????¡???????â?????¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¬???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¢???????â????â?š????¢?????????¢???¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??â?š????¬??????¢â??¬?¦??â?š????¾???????â?????¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¢ grant from Lawrence County Community Foundation. Thank you for your continued aid for cancer patients within Lawrence County. L to R; Hope Flores, Judy Heichelbech and Barb Terry. 206432572 LCCF 2020 Grant A $3000 ?open? grant was received from the Lawrence County Community Foundation Partnership, Inc to be used for medical equipment for patients. Shown here is Lisa Starr (LCCF), Brenda McKain (Lawrence County Cancer Patient Services), and Hope Flores (LCCF). 206279794 Kroger donates gift cards! Thanks to Kroger Family of Companies -???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢??????¢â??¬? ???¢?¢â?š?¬?¢â?ž?¢???????â?????¢?¢â?š?¬???? ?????????¢???¢?¢â??¬?¡????¬???¢?¢â??¬?¾????¢???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢?????????¢???¢?¢â??¬?¡????¬??â?š???? ???????â????â?š????¢?????????¢???¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??â?š????¬?????????¢???¢?¢â?š?¬???¾??â?š????¢???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢??????¢â??¬? ???¢?¢â?š?¬?¢â?ž?¢???????â????â?š????¢?????????¢???¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??â?š????¬??????¢â??¬?¦??â?š????¡???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢?????????¢???¢?¢â??¬?¡????¬??â?¦????¡???????â?????¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¢???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢??????¢â??¬? ???¢?¢â?š?¬?¢â?ž?¢???????â?????¢?¢â?š?¬???? ?????????¢???¢?¢â??¬?¡????¬???¢?¢â??¬?¾????¢???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢?????????¢???¢?¢â??¬?¡????¬??â?¦????¡???????â?????¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¢???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢??????¢â??¬? ???¢?¢â?š?¬?¢â?ž?¢???????â?????¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¢???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¢???????â????â?š????¢?????????¢???¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??â?š????¬??????¢â??¬?¦??â?š????¡???????â?????¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¬???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢?????????¢???¢?¢â??¬?¡????¬??â?š????¦???????â?????¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¡???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢??????¢â??¬? ???¢?¢â?š?¬?¢â?ž?¢???????â????â?š????¢?????????¢???¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??â?š????¬??????¢â??¬?¦??â?š????¡???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢?????????¢???¢?¢â??¬?¡????¬??â?¦????¡???????â?????¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¬???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢??????¢â??¬? ???¢?¢â?š?¬?¢â?ž?¢???????â?????¢?¢â?š?¬???? ?????????¢???¢?¢â??¬?¡????¬???¢?¢â??¬?¾????¢???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¢???????â????â?š????¢?????????¢???¢?¢â??¬?¡????¬??â?¦????¡??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¬???????â?????¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¦???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢??????¢â??¬? ???¢?¢â?š?¬?¢â?ž?¢???????â?????¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¢???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¢???????â????â?š????¢?????????¢???¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??â?š????¬??????¢â??¬?¦??â?š????¡???????â?????¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??????¢â??¬?¡??â?š????¬???????â????â? ?¢â??¬â??¢?????????¢???¢?¢â??¬?¡????¬??â?š????¦???????â????â?š????¢?????????¢???¢?¢â?š?¬???¡??â?š????¬??????¢â??¬?¦???¢?¢â?š?¬??â??Zero Hunger/Zero Waste program", we received $1000 ($25.00 increments) in gift cards for patients. Gift cards are donated to new patients. This is the second $1000 we have received this year. 206311089 Bunny brings thermometer at Easter Grant from UW at Easter time allowed LCCPS to purchase thermometers for patients so they could monitor their temperatures. 206427966 Pic Line Covers provided With a $500 grant from United Way we were able to purchase a good supply of pic line covers which will be much appreciated by cancer patients. 206245028 Emergency Funding Grant UW/LCCF Thanks to the Lawrence County Community Foundation and the United Way of South Central Indiana for the $3,500 Emergency grant for medical supplies and nutritional supplements. We appreciate you! Shown here are Teena Ligman, Hope Flores, Lisa Starr, Kim Burgess, and Judy Heichelbech 206221126 LCCF 2020 Grant #2 A second $3,500 emergency relief grant was received from the Lawrence County Community Foundation Partnership, Inc though partnership with United Way of South Central Indiana for supplies and nutritional supplements for patients. Shown here, Brenda McKain from the LCCPS with Hope Flores, Joanne and Ray Robison from the LCCF. 206279795 ALLY Insurance donates $5000 As part of the Bedford Ford car show, Ally Insurance donated $5,000 to LCCPS in support of the car show and encouraging people to test drive cars at Ford. Thanks to Ally Insurance! 204630333 Community Foundation Grant for Radiation Cream President Patty Robertson accepts an Adventure Grant from Lorri Hamer, Executive Director of the United Way of South Central Indiana. The $500 grant will be used to purchase radiation cream for cancer patients. 204714391 Thermometers Pile of thermometers ordered to help cancer patients monitor their temperature during the COVID epidemic and those of their cargivers. Cancer patients are especially vulnerable to COVID. The thermometers were paid for from an Emergency relief grant from Lawrence County Community Foundation and United Way of Southern Indiana. 206230155 Parker Group The Parker Group donated $350 to LCCPS from their ?Pink Fridays? fundraiser and have applied for a $100 grant from one of their insurance carriers, MAX. 204630332 Hats for Volunteers Lawrence County Tourism gave the group a grant to purchase caps to wear at events such as the car show and the garden show to make our volunteers more recognizable. 204316877 Medical Tumblers purchased for patients A grant from Lawrence County Community Foundation was awarded to our group to purchase these medical tumblers for patients undergoing radiation treatments. Thank you community foundation!!! 203362121 United Way Grant for blankets ?united in warmth?-Blankets were purchased for cancer patients with a grant from United Way of South Central Indiana. ?We hope these useful throws will add a feeling of hope, comfort, encouragement and inspiration besides providing warmth to the patient?, says Brenda Mckain. Thanks to United Way of South Central Indiana. 203362174 Promotional Items Received Lawrence Cancer Cancer Patient Services recently won free promotional items through "Promos For A Cause"; a monthly contest given by PromotionsNow to help promote organizations who make a difference in their communities. Lip balm and sanitizers were ordered to be included in the cheer bags, which are distributed for such as 4th of July. In 2013, 250 cheer bags were distributed at least 7 times a year at 5 treatment centers. We want to send a little hope in each of these bags. 192950781 Turbans donated for men Kim Henry (left) and Sarah Lynch from IU Health, Bedford showing hats for men patients. Funds to purchase 50 hats were donated by a grant from Orange County Rural Electric Community Fund, Inc. and its Operation Round Up program to Lawrence County Cancer Patient Services. 200941883 Donation from Members of Fort Ritner Church When the Ft. Ritner United Methodist Church closed its door due to shrinking membership, the congregation divided the rest of it's treasury between a few local charities. They gave $9,010 to the Lawrence County Cancer Patient Services. 204907447