Lawrence Co. Cancer Patient Services


What Are we about?

What we Do:

Our mission is to assist cancer patients who reside in Lawrence County, Indiana if insurance or another source is not available.

 Assistance Includes:

  • Food Supplements
  • Transportation to treatments or Physicians
  • Medical Supplies
  • Wigs after chemotherapy
  • Medical Equipment (walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs, commodes)
  • Prosthesis and bras after surgery
  • Mammograms or PSA tests
  • Medicine (limited)
  • Some help with utilities or rent on an exception basis
  • Limited amount for personal needs

All donations stay in Lawrence County
. We are an all volunteer organization with no paid members. We are not affiliated with the American Cancer Society or Relay for Life.

Lawrence County Cancer Patient Services has received grants from the Pennington Fund from the Lawrence County Community Foundation. Margie Marie Pennington left  funds to go to disadvantaged or homeless elderly. Two grants helped cancer patients in Lawrence county.  One was used for nutritional supplements. 
A second grant was used for bus passes Any cancer patient can get a bus pass for transportation. Please call: 812-275-1295 or 812-278-0139.

Some of the other things we do for patients are:

We hold a Celebration for Life dinner on a Sunday in October for cancer survivors. Everyone we are aware of who has had cancer in Lawrence County is invited and asked to bring a caregiver. The dinner is free and we sometimes have music or a program. People love to come out and visit with other cancer survivors and catch up on news. Its a good time to meet the people we help and be reminded of why we do what we do.

We make baskets of useful and fun items for various holidays and seasons of the year and take them to the different treatment facilities to give to cancer patients from Lawrence County coming in for chemo or radiation. The little baskets or bags are called "cheer baskets" because they are meant to cheer up the patients and let them know we are thinking of them and how to contact us if they need anything. They contain practical things such packets of Kleenex and chap stick or warm socks as well as fun holiday items to make the patient smile.  

Stories From the organization

Stories of People Helped

We guard the privacy of everyone we help so if you call us, your privacy will be respected. We never divulge names or addresses. Cancer does not discriminate. It strikes all ages, all races, all economic classes. And almost no one can ever be financially ready for cancer. As one young man explained, he was sure that his family was well set financially. They both had good jobs, insurance, owned their home. But when one of them got cancer and couldn't work, and the other had to stay home as a caregiver, their savings were wiped out in a few months time. That's when a group like LCCPS can step in and help. Though no names are used, in order to share the idea of what we do, here are a few stories of some local people....

 An older couple are both going through cancer for the second time. Both previously had gone through rounds of cancer and thought they were cancer free only to find they were both sick again at the same time.  They needed help with transportation.

  • We help a lot of people who can't drive get to their treatments in Bloomington or Indianapolis, either by giving them gas cards if they have family members who can take them, or we have volunteer drivers who are willing to drive people if they have no one available to drive them.
  • Many women receive mammograms with our help.
  • An older woman was walking from Cambridge Apartments (behind Lowes) to receive her treatments at IU Health Hospital in all types of weather because she had no transportation and couldn't afford the bus. We began buying her monthly bus passes.
  • An elderly woman who was a caregiver for her son with cancer was having trouble taking care of him because she couldn't get him in and out of a chair so we helped her purchase a lift chair.


Fundraisers - The money used to help cancer patients in Lawrence County comes from a variety of sources. Our group of volunteers hosts several fundraisers throughout the year, but other organizations hosts events on our behalf as well. Some of the annual events that the group hosts include:


Holiday Home Tour - each year on the first Sunday of December couples around Lawrence County open their homes for a festive holiday tour. Guests may drive themselves in the afternoon or board buses after a banquet of holiday treats and tour the homes. All proceeds go to help patients.


Spring Tea - Step back in time for a Victorian tea. Women and little girls dressed in their Sunday best come out and snack on delicacies while drinking tea from fine china. This popular event is held every April and includes a silent auction and door prizes. In 2012 the event raised $3,316 from ticket sales and auction proceeds. Come join us at our next tea! 


Fall Car Show - Antique cars and trucks are on display each fall at the Ford lot by the Bridge on 37 while a variety of fun events go on.


Garden Tour- Several homes with beautiful gardens allow people to tour their gardens while local artists paint. Refreshments are served and everyone enjoys a tranquil afternoon in a summer garden.


In addition, regular donors and memorials are received that help us fund our program.


Events Hosted by Others in the past:

Donut Run - The Bedford North Lawrence High School sponsored this boisterous run with donut eating, part of whose proceeds went to the LCCPS.

Run with Santa - This Christmas run was sponsored by Dr. Sowders with funds raised donated to LCCPS

Road Rally - The Women's Moose Auxiliary group has held a road rally and donated their proceeds to the LCCPS for several years.

Decorate a Bra Contest - Curves held a contest to decorate bras and clients voted on the best decorated bra. The bras were decorated with a variety of themes. People paid to vote and the bra with the most votes won!

We invite you to check out our Calendar of Events page and keep up on all the latest activities.


Click here for the Organizations Bylaws.