Lawrence Co. Cancer Patient Services

We Care!



Our members are dedicated to helping our patients. We Care!


2019 officers for LCCPS: Janet Huber, Teena Ligman, Laura Ohl, Judy Heichelbech (president), Brenda McKain, Denise Mullis

  • Ruth Ballantyne
  • Lisa Bell
  • Lori Branam
  • Donna Brumbaugh
  • Carol Chambers
  • Dan Chambers
  • Sheila Davis
  • Caroline DeVries
  • Susan Dominique
  • Karin Dubois
  • Becky Eads
  • Rhonda Greene
  • Jane Hayes
  • Judy Heichelbach
  • Mickie Holt

  • Janet Huber
  • Teena Ligman
  • Brenda McKain
  • Alex Muhlbach
  • Denise Mullis
  • Pam Neal
  • Laura Ohl
  • Troi Stith
  • Becky Tumey
  • Emily Webb
  • Kay Whitaker
  • Bill Whitted
  • Catherine Whitted
  • Diane Wrather


How We Care...


We guard the privacy of everyone we help so if you call us, your privacy will be respected. We never divulge names or addresses. Cancer does not discriminate. It strikes all ages, all races, all economic classes. And almost no one can ever be financially ready for cancer. As one young man explained, he was sure that his family was well set financially. They both had good jobs, insurance, owned their home. But when one of them got cancer and couldn't work, and the other had to stay home as a caregiver, their savings were wiped out in a few months time. That's when a group like LCCPS can step in and help. Though no names are used, in order to share the idea of what we do, here are a few stories of some local people....

 An older couple are both going through cancer for the second time. Both previously had gone through rounds of cancer and thought they were cancer free only to find they were both sick again at the same time.  They needed help with transportation.

  • We help a lot of people who can't drive get to their treatments in Bloomington or Indianapolis, either by giving them gas cards if they have family members who can take them, or we have volunteer drivers who are willing to drive people if they have no one available to drive them.

  • Many women receive mammograms with our help.

  • An older woman was walking from Cambridge Apartments (behind Lowes) to receive her treatments at IU Health Hospital in all types of weather because she had no transportation and couldn't afford the bus. We began buying her monthly bus passes.

  • An elderly woman who was a caregiver for her son with cancer was having trouble taking care of him because she couldn't get him in and out of a chair so we helped her purchase a lift chair.

Lawrence County Cancer Patient Services Bylaws